How To Improve Your Dell Laptop Battery’s Performance?

The laptops have become more advanced, and so the need of power consumption has increased. And also the longevity for mobile users too increased. Because of more usage, sometimes the performance of battery life may come down in various laptops.

How To Improve Your Dell Laptop Battery’s Performance

Dell laptop service center in Chennai is here to provide you some tips on how to improve your dell laptop battery lifespan. It also provides you some useful information to test and diagnose battery performance and health.

Battery Life and Battery Lifecycle

Battery life is calculated based on how long your battery holds the charges. The life of a battery is based on watt-hours or number of cells or battery’s capacity.

Battery pack lifecycle means the battery will be recharged prior to the charge starts degradation. When the battery charge is full and instantly reduced to 60 percent then automatically the battery life also reduced.

Consider the battery size to get extra battery life, and large capacity batteries were suits well. When replacing laptop battery consider whether you need lighter weight or longer battery life.

Types of Battery:

In Dell laptops, there are two kinds of battery available. They are

Swappable: This battery is made up of lithium-ion cells, and it can easily replace or remove with a fully charged spare one. This is the best choice for people who want to stay and run continuously.

Built-In: The built-in battery is made up of the lithium-ion polymer. It is designed for light and thin laptops such as Inspiron 7000 series and XPS. You can’t remove these batteries easily, and only well-trained technicians can replace it.

Lenovo and hp laptop service center in Chennai has well-trained professionals to handle these kinds of battery.

Extend Battery Life:
One of the easiest ways to get the outstanding battery life in dell laptop is by selecting the pre-designed power plan. The pre-designed plans will automatically adjust the settings to have kick on battery life by reducing the brightness of the screen and dimming the display when you are not working on a laptop.

The following are some possible ways to extend battery life during working:

Turn Off Wireless: Wireless card is the main reason for battery drain. If you don’t need a wireless connection, then press F2 or turn off the wireless switch.

Limit Power-Intensive Activities: Batteries will last long when you read email or editing documents rather than playing video games or watching movies.