How to Use WhatsApp on Your Mobile

In today’s world WhatsApp is the most popular social app among the youngsters and also the  extra banners, is the most   youngsters are getting  addicted to it. Whatsapp messenger is one of the instant messaging app that allows Smartphone’s user to exchange multimedia messages like images,audio,video etc  for  free. Whatsapp messenger and text messaging service are similar but the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less.

In WhatsApp,it having more number of facilities like you have to put your image as the profile picture and also you can update a best Whatsapp status for your profile.

Steps to Use WhatsApp on Your Mobile:

1)Download WhatsApp:

Download whats app for your mobile. It is available on its website for some free download services.

2)Launch the App From Your Smartphone:

After download whats app on your smartphone, it will allow you to create a WhatsApp account that will be linked to your phone number.

3)Manage Your Favourites:

Once you create an account in your mobile, you  will see all of your contacts who already have a WhatsApp account on our mobile. you can also put your most frequently texting person into a favourite list.

4)Change Your Status:

If you want to change your WhatsApp status??the thing you can do is simple, go to the menu and select the status option. Tap “+”in the top right corner to add a new friendship status or love status for Whatsapp or anything.

5)Start a Chat:

Tap “chats”option from a menu. Tap a pencil icon in the right corner and select a contact to start a new chat. If you got one checkmark indicate, that it was delivered to the server. If you got double checkmark means that it was delivered to the opposite person.