Houses With Top Latest Technologies

A house with normal features is outdated in this modern world there are numerous technologies which can make your life much simple with a lot of secured feel. Especially if you are living in Bangalore then you can always found these kinds of smart homes normally. Real estate developers Bangalore is the best choice to buy this kind of houses at affordable price.


Patter Lock Main Door

Locks with normal steel are bored nowadays there is a lock with digital touchscreen display where the house owner can draw a pattern to lock and unlock the door. No one can open or break the door without the permission of the house owner.

The Pavati Tab

We never know the temperature of both hot and cold waters we are mixing together to use in our tabs before the invention of these smart pavati tabs. People can see and determine the temperature of the water which they want to use.

Transparent TV

This is the master technology which gets the happiness and attracts your guests to touch it. Transparent TV which is made with transparently and with some hardest material which is much harder to break.

Door Handle With UV Bulb

This is also one of the coolest inventions I have seen. If the door handle remain unused then the UV bulb will be in on in the other case it automatically off.

A residential plot for sale in Bangalore has most of this technologies and waiting for sale at affordable prize. People can buy these kinds of smartest houses in Bangalore.