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October 2016

How to Use WhatsApp on Your Mobile

In today’s world WhatsApp is the most popular social app among the youngsters and also the  extra banners, is the most   youngsters are getting  addicted to it. Whatsapp messenger is one of the instant messaging app that allows Smartphone’s user to exchange multimedia messages like images,audio,video etc  for  free. Whatsapp messenger and text messaging service are similar but the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less.

In WhatsApp,it having more number of facilities like you have to put your image as the profile picture and also you can update a best Whatsapp status for your profile.

Steps to Use WhatsApp on Your Mobile:

1)Download WhatsApp:

Download whats app for your mobile. It is available on its website for some free download services.

2)Launch the App From Your Smartphone:

After download whats app on your smartphone, it will allow you to create a WhatsApp account that will be linked to your phone number.

3)Manage Your Favourites:

Once you create an account in your mobile, you  will see all of your contacts who already have a WhatsApp account on our mobile. you can also put your most frequently texting person into a favourite list.

4)Change Your Status:

If you want to change your WhatsApp status??the thing you can do is simple, go to the menu and select the status option. Tap “+”in the top right corner to add a new friendship status or love status for Whatsapp or anything.

5)Start a Chat:

Tap “chats”option from a menu. Tap a pencil icon in the right corner and select a contact to start a new chat. If you got one checkmark indicate, that it was delivered to the server. If you got double checkmark means that it was delivered to the opposite person.

Houses With Top Latest Technologies

A house with normal features is outdated in this modern world there are numerous technologies which can make your life much simple with a lot of secured feel. Especially if you are living in Bangalore then you can always found these kinds of smart homes normally. Real estate developers Bangalore is the best choice to buy this kind of houses at affordable price.


Patter Lock Main Door

Locks with normal steel are bored nowadays there is a lock with digital touchscreen display where the house owner can draw a pattern to lock and unlock the door. No one can open or break the door without the permission of the house owner.

The Pavati Tab

We never know the temperature of both hot and cold waters we are mixing together to use in our tabs before the invention of these smart pavati tabs. People can see and determine the temperature of the water which they want to use.

Transparent TV

This is the master technology which gets the happiness and attracts your guests to touch it. Transparent TV which is made with transparently and with some hardest material which is much harder to break.

Door Handle With UV Bulb

This is also one of the coolest inventions I have seen. If the door handle remain unused then the UV bulb will be in on in the other case it automatically off.

A residential plot for sale in Bangalore has most of this technologies and waiting for sale at affordable prize. People can buy these kinds of smartest houses in Bangalore.

Tips & Tricks to Succeed in Competitive Exams

Nowadays it is a necessary thing to face competitive exams if you want jobs in any government or any well reputed private sectors. Generally, competitive exams are to check various the candidate’s various abilities like Reasoning skills, Mathematical ability, Fundamental Knowledge and Writing Skills.


Getting a decent score in competitive exams is not an easy task for candidates as it involves excessive mind work and hard work. But if you follow the right strategy then this task can be done easily or it is also a wise option to join in any coaching centers like Bank exam coaching center in Chennai. Here in this article you can know about some tips to get excel in competitive exams.

Don’t Neglect Fundamentals:

If you are strong in the base then you can go for big things easily, so be strong at the basics of every subject. It is tougher to survive and clear the exams if you are weak in Fundamental concept and never ever neglect the basics for problematic papers.

Be Updated:

Portions like General Knowledge and Current Affairs has questions from trending news from all categories. So it is more important to stay updated with the current trends. Many of the previous achievers and some best coaching center suggests that reading newspapers regularly (daily) will help to squash the question from current affairs.

Make Notes:

Making notes of important points and all shortcut methods at the time of preparation will help you while revising the portions. So buy new note of dairy and use it only for preparing exams.

Practice More:

One of the primary reason for most failure is the lack of confidence, so take more mock tests and solve previous year question papers as much as you can, it helps to overcome the exam tension, improve your confident level and recognize your weaker areas. And guys, you need to consider joining in any best SSC coaching centre in Chennai if you planned to take SSC exams.

How To Improve Your Hotels Quality And popularity

Hotels are becoming as a hottest business today in Chennai so there are many sudden hotels in market but maintaining a good hotel which offers services as well as getting profit is the toughest task ever. Here are some tips to develop best Hotels in Mahabalipuram.


Clean Maintenance

Maintaining your hotel as much as clean you can this is the fundamental thing which you must to do. Clean the rooms and corridors at least twice a day also use some good smelled room fresheners to attract the clients but the smell must be very mild because raw or wild smells can off your customers.

Arrange Some Star Meetings

There is no one in the modern world that who doesn’t like a cine star so arrange some cine meetings and success meets in your hotel this one can bring you numerous clients as well as a good profit.

Concentrate On Your Party Halls

The world has become as a party one now. There are a lot of parties and celebrations so you must be prepared for that. Party Halls in Chennai is the viral news at party times in all channels so arrange more than one party hall in your hotel but you must have the capability of managing them at a same time.

These ideas are really worth and can make you even bigger so try out these tips to enhance yourself and make a strong stand on this hotel field. These tips can exactly fits for the hotels that who is new to this field.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Bangalore

As named as Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is well-known for its nature look and climatic conditions. It is the only city India comprised of both historical places and as well as the places with nightlife culture, hence it always has a high position in the list of best tourist places in India. Because of these features, the Bangalore city is optionally called as Air conditioned city, City of Gardens, Pensioner’s paradise and Pub capital of India.


Bangalore has many attractive tourists spots to visit, so it confused the tourist to select the places for their trip. So in order to help those visitors we have shortlisted some important places that all tourists must visit. If you are new to Bangalore then it is best to book cabs using taxi price comparison apps like Cabto.

LalBagh Botanical Garden:

LalBagh Botanical Garden was first organized by the famous emperor Hyder Ali and it was completed by his own son Tipu Sultan. LalBagh Botanical Garden is well known for its festive look with multiple hybrid varieties of vegetables and extinct species of trees during the time of Independence day and Republic day.

Cubbon Park:

You can find the Cubbon Park at the very heart of the city and it is spread over for nearly 300 acres. This park is most famous for its exotic varieties of plants and the greenish environment makes you feel stress-free. In Cubbon Park you can go for a brisk morning walk or jog and as well as in the evening.

Ulsoor Lake:

You can find the Ulsoor lake in the list of biggest lakes in Bangalore. It is a perfect place to go for a drafting or swimming and it has many small islands inside it. Don’t forget to get a life jacket while going for drafting or swimming. Reaching these places by buses will make you more tired and bored. So prefer your own vehicles and if you don’t have your own then use apps like Cabto to compare taxi fares and book cabs easily with your mobiles and Enjoy Your Trip !!!

Best eCommerce Web Design Trends in 2016

E-commerce is one of the leading and successful fields which has several billion of turnover over the year of 2016. Nowadays all the small business people are willing to enhance their business through online.


There is no need to follow the same set of methods which our competitor doing to attract potential customers. But you should know the current trends in e-commerce. If you are a newbie for e-commerce, then design your own e-commerce website with the help of ecommerce website development in Bangalore.

E-Commerce Web Design Trends

Large video or Picture on the background of the home page are already in a trend of 2015 but still it is following. Place short video will attract attention to some of the products.

Image sell, No Text:

All time image speaks more than text. Nowadays people are not willing to spend more time on reading products reviews or text. They began to pay more attention to pictures. So the first impression of customers is more important for the e-commerce website. Placing attractive images on your website will increase sales especially for fashion and gift shops.

Motion Animations:

It is the latest trend and coolest trend in ecommerce web designing. Making the product demonstrations in motion animations. This kind of attractive things will make visitors have unforgettable experience.

Responsive Web Design:

Nowadays mobile users are rapidly increasing year by year. So all the search engine prefers responsive web designs. Your website should load properly in all digital devices like desktop, tablet, mobile. For E-commerce website, mobile users are high than desktop.

To design your e-commerce website attractive approach leading website development company in Bangalore. They will fulfill your needs and improve your business widely across the globe.