Is It Illegal to Ride a Self-Balancing Scooter in U.K

All of us know that the prosecution services have powers only to enforce the laws but they have no powers to pass the same law. As per the reports available, it is illegal to drive a hoverboard, a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter on the path. As per one of the stories that were highlighted by thePress Association in the Daily Telegraph, a Croydon man was prosecuted for driving these skque self-balancing scooter of Hoverboard self-balancing scooters on the pavement.
self balancing scooters in uk
We know that these are the best self-balancing scooters that have changed the view of people driving on the busy roads and getting stuck in the heavy traffic jams. This is the fastest growing personal transportation technology that is very well accepted by some of the countries but there are other countries like the U.K that have made it illegal to ride on the pavement.

The U.K country has clearly stated that it is illegal to ride this self-balancing scooter or we say “hoverboard” on roads and pavements. London Metropolitan Police cleared its residents that these self-balancing scooters are falling under the Segway legislation that was outlawed by the British roads and pavements authorities.

They are made illegal on British roads because they don’t meet the requirements levied by the UK laws for road-legal vehicles so considered illegal on road and pavements as well, under the section 72 of the Highway Act 1835. This law restricts everyone from harming roads or pavements through their self-balancing scooters. No doubt, self-balancing scooters are the best self-balancing scooters but still Scotland has also made it illegal as per the Roads act of Scotland of 1984.

So, if you are living in London or any other major city in the UK, you might have seen many people enjoying on a self-balancing board. Do you know these are just the fantasy vehicles and rather expensive ones? You can buy these boards online from major online sites like Amazon by paying about £250. Most of the models come with a battery life of up to 10-15 miles at a maximum speed of about 16km/hr. Surprising these boards are quite popular amongst the younger generation.

Why these self-balancing scooters are illegal on the UK roads and pavements? Some of the riders have been prosecuted for creating offenses like robbery, theft, etc. It really becomes difficult to catch the thief running via a motorized vehicle. So, the country decided to put a ban on these self-balancing boards.

But the country is lenient and rules are made not to drive the self-balancing scooter on the roads or pavements but the residents are free to enjoy their rides on their private property where the real-owner of the property has every right to allow the rider to enjoy in his or her property after seeking permission. This means these motorized vehicles can be brought but make sure you drive only inside your private property to avoid any kind of legal actions.