SEO: Together With Online Reputation Management

There are lots of incidences that take place in life where we are often confused with two different things or terms as one. Well they do have same functions but have two different terms and here is the time where the two terms like SEO and ORM that is Search Engine Optimization and Online reputation management respectively are often taken confusing by people.

Together With Online Reputation Management

Even I in some instants was confused with the fact but then what made me realize was their dense study of their names first. As the name suggest SEO works for the higher rankings especially and online reputation management works for the management of the reputation of the writer online as the name suggests again. Hence SEO and Online Reputation Management are way two different vaguely different stuffs but they are put together for the better results.

Here I am going to discuss on these two topics and will try to make things clear about how SEO goes and how online reputation management is all about. Online reputation management is not the part of SEO and again SEO is also definitely not the part of online reputation management.

There is world inside internet these days and there are every, every mini to macro things and stuffs here in internet. There are good and bad, there are positives and negatives. “Here in this era everyone wants to be famous and in top ranks, everyone wants their popularity on the tops, their stuffs or let’s say articles get the highest rank and that’s why the things like SEO have been evolved and have been doing great in this time but then since people are so much focused in fame and popularity, they forget to be aware on the fact that it may be top ranked either in positive way or in the negative way”, explains a Senior New York SEO Expert.

We are also much known about the fact that people are always interested on the negatives and that gets higher clicks then the positive one and that’s what lead to the evolvement of the Online Reputation Management. It tracks the negativity of anything; it may be either persons or any personal stuff or may be companies. Leaving a negative review for a way too long degrades the reputation of the owner more and more and that’s where online reputation management works better.

Hence SEO and ORM things are somehow like two sides of a same coin for the better result. Having a good rank of the sites with quality contents and key words density is quiet easy then managing the negativity that flows through the social media in the speed of light these days? Going simply with SEO is a primitive fact for now where in the modern era of much awareness in every seconds about the reputation, SEO and ORM should go hand in hand for the better results.