Best iPad Apps For Real Estate Agents

Are you a real estate agent? Do you fancy gadgets for displaying real estates? And do you own an iPad and looking for the best apps. Well, let’s find out the Top lists iPad apps!

Best iPad Apps For Real Estate Agents

Woo your Business – The IPAD Way

Pablo Picasso once said that “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers”. But, but, but, we are in an era that is only looking for answers and nothing else. The best way to find an answer is the World Wide Web with the help of gadgets like computers and tablets. And what better can a man have then an ipad! Ever since the launch of iPad by Apple in April 2010 and followed by iPad 2 in March, 2011, there has been a sale of millions of iPads worldwide. A famous quote about the iPad is – “It’s Harry Potter’s book. Everything is Alive”.

The usage of iPad depends upon the field and profession of the user. It is used by people of all the ages and from school going children to Business men to Professionals. Apple has various Applications on their store for people from all the streams. Serving one of the strata of the business men, there are amazing applications launched which can be a fantastic aid to the real estate agents.

Curtain Raiser for the Best iPad Apps For Real Estate Agents

I) Pages – It’s a word processing application and Similar to what Microsoft word is for windows. Elegant and useful templates are provided which can be used as per the type of document that is required. The best part of Pages is you are allowed to edit these templates the way you want suiting your needs. You can rotate images, resize them and perform all sorts of techniques on them. Working with bullets is very easy and formatting them is just fun. Thus, Quotes, writings, calculations etc that a real estate agent would want to keep on record is all doable with Pages. There are no compatibility issues when the Pages documents are opened in MS word or other applications. One can use keyboards especially those that are Bluetooth enabled incase of excessive use of Pages.

II) Intaglio Sketchpad – A real estate agent may also need to draw and display the floor plan to the clients. This app is a vector drawing application for the IPad that allows drawing all sorts of things and creating designs of one’s choice. These drawings can also be saved as Images. There is a graph paper background that helps drawing precise floor plans.
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III) Evernote – It is a wonderful tool which can capture notes from anywhere. A Real estate agent can very easily manage all the various notes and documents using this Ipad App. Evernote allows addition of a quick note with some keywords or tags so that searching the document becomes a second’s task.

IV) Keynote – This is the PowerPoint in the apple world. One need not be a great presentation maker to use this app. It is simple, easy, useful and quickly learnable. A real estate agent can make attractive presentations using Keynote. It allows easy management of text insertion as well as image usages. With the help of these presentations, a real estate agent can make buyers walk through the processes. They can also create graphs to show market statistics and how the offer is lucrative enough than the competitors.

A real estate agent with a touch of technology can impress the clients and ensure more and more business. After all, what is shown is what is seen!!