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October 2014

The Essence Of Dhanteras

Dhanteras is the continuation of the festival of Diwali and is the festival where the families exchanges the metals and gives different metals to each of the family to greet them wishes of good luck for the next year. The metals here are exchanged based on some old technique. Metals are considered to be the indexes of different phases of life by their color and properties and they are then given by wishing a good luck in that sector to other families. Thus every family wished good luck to each other and made the entire Diwali festival a festival for a new start to the next year with lots of lights, sounds and the good wishes of others.

The Essence Of Dhanteras

The lights and sounds on the eve of the Diwali is to make the life of a person and the family members fill with love and consciousness and thus wash away the illusions by the lights of the truth. The sounds are to keep the illusion stand in awe and make the life filled with rejoice and positive energy from the power of the light and the sound of the truth. Once that portion is over then is the need of the general human being in life. Thus the entire festival tries to say that, the only thing that is needed in the life of a human is to keep him or her away from the dark shades of the illusion and make the life filled with the basic needs of Human only.

Basic needs of Human and the metals

The basic needs of human are the food, shelter and the garments to cover. Thus they need good cultivation for satisfying the need of the food in their life. The good cultivation is symbolized by the metal Gold. Gold’s color and the nature says that it is the metal that makes all the needs of a person satisfied and the color is perfect for the golden paddy field and the golden wheat field. The silver is the colour of shed for the house and is denoted for the shelter of the person. The bronze and the zinc are the indexes for the better clothes as they are of color and complexion that is used to amalgamate the different substances. The copper is again such a metal that is used in the cooking utensils and thus they are the indexes or symbols of the better living and better tomorrow in a general sense.

Change in Practice

Dhanteras was usually practiced as a method where the family gifts other family some metal wishing good luck in some areas or other. The metal was then presented to the holy fire in front of Goddess Laxmi for the worship of Diwali. The metal was then melted in the fire and was given thus to the goddess through the fire and wishes the good luck through the metal for their future life and they seek good luck for the entire family in that house and the family in the houses of the kingdom.