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June 2014

Best Valentine’s Day Holiday Destinations

Gifts, flowers, ring etc are old gifts which you must have given before to your beloved on valentines’ day, but now you have to consider something unique and different that no one around you has thought of. Spending holidays with family at regular vacation destinations is fine but what about holiday on Valentine’s Day?

Best Valentine’s Day Holiday Destinations

Isn’t it amazing…. Yes it is because every woman and man needs a break on their best romantic day. So which is your destination this year to give surprise memorable moments to your beloved? If still not decided then take a look on some beautiful destinations for this valentine below-

Paris:– this is the most lovable and romantic place that is full of exciting lovers and couples on the day of valentine. Several parties and fun activities are organized every year for people who specially travel all day long to see the beauty of Paris. The best places to visit there are- dinner cruise, river seine and Eifel tower.

Russia and Venice:- two such places are on earth that could be reached very easily because it is near to Asia. Those who have luxury budget and still not felt the heart throbbing beauty of Russia and its cities, then it must be a fabulous destination for two of you.

Thailand:– the city of lights, romance and sensuality. The best budget packages are available online for Thailand. Phuket, pataya and Bangkok are hottest destinations which can be booked in advance. The nightlife and sea food are perfect combination with unlimited shopping streets in Thailand. Experience the mirror cracking beach and take water rides with your beloved to explore nature.

Mauritius:- if your idea is to sink in the white sand with blue coastal region, then Mauritius is another crisp place which is highly romantic and soothing. The Valentines day tour packages are easy to find on popular travel agencies online. Book the luxury package now to make your life partner go crazy on the day of valentine this 2014.

How to get packages?

However, the above mentioned places on our wonderful earth are so beautiful and peaceful for romantic creatures that they could not be left untouched. If you have already collected enough money round the year and now ready to pamper your beloved, then go ahead and book any one destination that you find extremely magnificent. There are various hotels and resorts in different romantic cities in the world where they offer exciting packages to honeymoon and valentine couples.

What is special in packages?

In those packages mostly grand welcome with refreshing beverage is served by the hospitality staff and after that whole room is decorated with the red theme to make guest comfortable and cozy. The dinner organized in the package contains food which you have prebooked and candle light table is provided so that you can spend some amazing quality time with each other. You must be rejuvenated with the thought of traveling to such places.

At online market all travel companies which provide international packages had provided details on their respective websites. To get rebate and special offers contact the executive of the company now.