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May 2014

How Instagram Is Changing The Marketing Scene?

The world of marketing just got a little colorful and cooler too and reaching out to a global audience is now easier than ever and making this possible are the social media websites.

How Instagram Is Changing The Marketing Scene

Acquired by Facebook for about $ 1 billion, Instagram is the next huge platform after Facebook everybody is flocking to these days. In 2010, 1 million users registered themselves with Instagram which by 2011 reached a record 150 million users.

So with the growing popularity of this Photo sharing social media website. Now it’s no secret that business- a majority of them have realized the full potential of marketing themselves perfectly which means cutting across people of all races, caste and countries and reaching out to the world.

Initially though just like Facebook, Instagram had been just a regular social media website dedicated solely to photo-sharing but has turned out to be a major marketing tool for a whole lot of companies. One of the fastest growing social media platform, Instagram is changing the marketing scene and how! Buy instagram followers to get more likes.

Marketing with pictures

Now what makes Instagram a good source or tool of marketing? You may ask, the answer is very simple- real time pictures!

Big companies like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks , ford, red bull are attracting millions. Posting unique photographs and videos of their latest range of products. But now a host of medium-small range firms are also taking advantage of this social media platform.

Why is it so effective?

About 90% of content on Instagram is all- photographs and videos. This serves as a visual treat for the people. If you need to put forward an idea or a thought what better way to do then in pictures and videos. It is effective because it touches the thought-process of people making them remember and establish a sense of connection with a brand or business.

Getting close to people

There’s nothing like getting your brand closer to the everyday ordinary people and making that possible is instagram. With millions of users, it has become increasingly easier for brands to get close to people and know what exactly their thoughts are. The more inspiring and compelling your photographs are the more likely you are to get close to people.

Getting followers to follow

It’s a common knowledge that if your photographs are well-clicked , you’re bound to get followers. Hashtags are another option that makes it easier for people to filter and search for your brand. But what if you’re not a big brand and you require a good boost of followers to up the leverage a bit for your business? It is still possible get followers by buying them. Yes, in fact, it is actually possible to buy followers for your instagram!
Where to buy instagram followers?

The answer to that is very simple.There are websites that actually allow you to buy “real instagram followers . There are “packages” depending on the kind of leverage you require and that too all for a reasonable amount of money.